Research and creative residences

Research and creation Residences

TOHU aims to stimulate the evolution of circus aesthetics. It encourages the exploration of new forms and practices in the field by offering a space dedicated to research activities and innovative initiatives. In response to COVID, TOHU is expanding its residency program for research and creation projects in circus.

This support is available to individuals, groups and not-for-profit circus organizations active in the production of a show.

TOHU can host the entire project or offer support to a specific part or aspect of the production, depending on its scale and the support requested. Tohu does not provide any financial assistance, but does support the creative process by way of facilities and services.

Periods of activity and registration dates

Please note that in Summer and Fall 2020, residency applications will be accepted on a rolling basis and residency times will be scheduled and confirmed for upcoming dates only.

During the period of August 20, 2020 and October 31, 2020, artists may apply for one and two-week research & creation residencies in the following spaces:

-Salle TOHU (Main TOHU theatre)

-Parabris 1 (52'6'' diamètre / 14'3'' hauteur), basic work lighting, stage 20' x 20' practicable. 20 amp electric prose available. Possibility to add lighting and sound system on request.

-Parabris 2 (63'6'' diamètre / 26' hauteur), basic work lighting. 20 amp electric prose available. Possibility to add lighting and sound system on request.

-Chapiteau Trèfle

-TOHU Lobby/Hall

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Please note that only the space will be provided free of charge. We are happy to hold dates for you, provide you with a letter of support and/or assist you in other ways should you choose to submit an external funding request to support technical and equipment costs.

CLICK HERE to read the details and to submit your residency application for any of the spaces detailed above for dates between August 20, 2020 and October 31, 2020. You will receive a response within 2 weeks. Priority goes to artists whose planned residencies were put on hold March 18, 2020.