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Sustainable development action plan

For the sake of good governance and continuous self-assessment, TOHU has adopted its first sustainable development action plan for the period of 2020-2022.

This plan is built around 3 segments bringing together 60 courses of action:

  • Sustainable procurement
  • Eco-responsibility
  • Saint-Michel district

The first point includes actions relating to the adoption of a responsible procurement policy and a series of objectives more specifically related to the Bistro.

The second point is the most voluminous one and includes measures such as the annual measurement, reduction and compensation of greenhouse gas emissions generated by the activities, increasing the energy efficiency of the building, continuous improvement of waste, water and paper management practices as well as actions to improve the mobility of employees and visitors.

The third point, dedicated to TOHU’s impact on the economic and cultural life of Saint-Michel, brings together actions in terms of employability, community representativeness, ownership and commitment to the neighborhood by permanent employees, or the enhancement of the diversity of artistic practices of the Michelois.

Each action is linked to an indicator, a project leader and a deadline. The sustainable development committee meets monthly to discuss issues and progress relating to each segment.

Stay tuned! Updates will be made on a regular basis to document the progress of the projects.

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