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MCC23 1200x628 The Pulse 4

THE PULSE by Gravity & Other Myths présented by La Presse

The fascinating phenomenon has its North American premiere in Montreal!

Artists, choir and audience come together to create an entity, an immense organ that beats to the regular rhythm of a pulse. The illusion is accentuated by the remarkable synchronicity of the acrobatic performances. Enhanced by lighting and music, this show with 60 artists on stage offers a unique and unforgettable sensory experience!

From July 5 to 8
TOHU's Circular Hall
7 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 Runners eng 1

RUNNERS by Cirk La Putyka

A blaze of pure performances

What could be better than a giant treadmill to illustrate our frantic pace of life and our performance-based society? These fabulous artists invite us to become aware of the value of time by performing a variety of colorful feats on this moving stage. They will take your breath away!

From July 12 to 16
TOHU's Circular Hall
7 years and older

TH23 1200x628 HEMISPHERE 1

HÉMISPHÈRE by Projet Sanctuaire

A classical epic with a touch of pop

Circus, music and nature come together in this unique show born from a gathering of artists in a field in Lac-Mégantic. Let yourself be amazed by the performances of circus artists accompanied by an adaptation of Vivaldi's Four Seasons, performed by an orchestra that waltzes between classical, electro-pop and popular songs. The breathtaking aerial acrobatics provide us with an exhilarating feeling of freedom. Of unequalled beauty!

From July 13 to 16
TOHU's Circular Hall
For all

MCC23 1200x628 Brave Space eng 1


Immersive intimacy under the big top

The canvas is a central element, an actor in itself, in this show where space is constructed and deconstructed through it. Within this space, the audience and the artists enjoy a proximity that encourages interaction and participation. An hour face-to-face with daring aerialists, as they perform perilous acts , including trapeze, hoop and hand to hand, before the eyes and above the heads of an intimate audience of 100 people. A unique immersion in the magical world of circus.

From July 8 to 16
Chapiteau l'Escapade on TOHU's public place
For all

MCC23 1200x628 Barbu eng 1

BARBU by Cirque Alfonse presented by Radio-Canada

Complete happiness, absurdity and a lot of hair

This "fair", worthy of those at the end of the 19th century, has the pleasure to present a friendly cohort of bearded men and their companions. Each one of them outdoes himself, showing off in a series of rather eclectic and eccentric performances, accompanied by electro-trad music! Here, everything is allowed, only the beard is mandatory!

From July 6 to 16
Studio-Cabaret at Espace St-Denis
13 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 Dirty Laundry 2

DIRTY LAUNDRY special guest Barbada by Briefs Factory International in collaboration with Fugues

Sexy evening with a lot of humour and (very) few filters

Both daring and exuberant, this internationally renowned company will blow you away in this explosive show in a burlesque cabaret atmosphere. These circus artists put on a sexy show combining circus with drag and dance in a hilarious comedy. With glitter and daring remarks, they will compete to make you spend the most disconcerting and delirious evening ever. A guaranteed classic that has been touring the world for more than 10 years!

From July 6 to 16
Studio-Cabaret at Espace St-Denis
18 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 JULIETA 3

JULIETA by Gabriela Muñoz

Physical theater and clowning art

Exuberant and clownish, Julieta is no less moving in this charming performance where she exposes her thoughts on the loss of youth and the constraints of old age. But not everything is dark, quite the contrary, in this lucid and funny portrait of the inevitable passage of time on humans. A touching life lesson!

From July 7 to 15
La Maison Théâtre
12 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 Glob eng 1

GLOB by Les Foutoukours in collaboration with Montréal pour Enfants

Humanity and humour for the whole family

Two strange and fluffy characters enjoy the moment as well as life with acrobatics, juggling and clowning. Through play, discovery of others and contemplation, they stop time and transport us into their serene, dreamlike and poetic world. A family event that will amaze everyone, as soft and comforting as the fur of the two friends!

July 8 and 9
La Maison Théâtre
5 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 Apres midi eng 1


When adults live like children

Who says we can't keep our childlike spirit, even as adults? Certainly not this multidisciplinary duo that explores these key moments of life by reinventing circus arts with originality! A refreshing mix of acrobatics, dance and even skateboard performances! For adults... and children, of course!

From July 11 to 15
La Maison Théâtre
8 years and older

MCC23 1200x628 Un Domingo 3

UN DOMINGO by Galpon De Guevara et Proyecto Migra

Argentinean delights and craziness are on the menu!

Nothing goes right on this Sunday with the family! Pure talent, theatricality and contagious Argentinian madness are on the agenda in this show full of humour and absurdity. In this acrobatic and theatrical production, the different characters confront each other, resulting in laughter and consternation. The atmosphere is unusual and the tension palpable. Emotion, in all its forms, also invites itself to this disconcerting and memorable family reunion!

From July 7 to 16
Théâtre Outremont
13 years and older

TH23 1200x628 SARABANDE 1

SARABANDE by Jörg Müller & Noémi Boutin in collaboration with Radio Classique

Pure beauty

Music is an inexhaustible source of inspiration and Jörg Müller demonstrates this wonderfully in a performance that combines juggling, dance, physical performances and theatricality. He blossoms to the sound of Bach's Cello Suites 1, 3 and 5, magnificently performed by his partner, Noémie Boutin. Music lovers or circus fans, young and old, this Sarabande is an irresistible invitation to join the dance!

From July 11 to 16
Théâtre Outremont
8 years and older
With the support of the Consulat général de France à Québec.

MCC23 1200x628 Cabaret 3


A competition that takes us to heaven

It is with great pleasure that MONTRÉAL COMPLÈTEMENT CiRQUE and Le Monastère join forces once again to present the astonishing Cabaret du Jugement Dernier. At nightfall, in a magical atmosphere at Jardin St Jax, come see the best artists of the province face off in a friendly competition. Each artist presents an original number that may allow him/her to win the priceless Golden Chalice, awarded by a jury of circus professionals, or the Public's Choice award. The perfect opportunity to travel in different universes that will transport the public to heaven!

From July 6 to 15
Le Monastère - Jardin St Jax
Presented in co-production
For all

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