Artists services

Artists & Professionals

TOHU offers a number of services for professional circus artists and companies as well as for professionnals in the field of contemporary circus creation, presenting, & touring. NEW: please note that many of these services are updated as of summer 2020.

Self Training

Self-training offers circus arts professionals completely independent access to specialized equipment and infrastructures for occasional or regular training to keep themselves in condition or for technique practice. NEW : TOHU now offers self-training at its own facility. For details and to reserve your training slot, click here.


A vital forum of exchange and connection for contemporary circus artists, companies, presenters, and professionals, the International Market of Contemporary Circus (MICC) is a key annual point of encounter for the circus world since 2015.

Starting in July 2020, the MICC will take on a digital dimension by offering online programming from July 6 to 9. Following this launch period, with a goal of facilitating long-term connection, dialogue, and collaboration in our sector, the MICC Online will continue as an ongoing platform, featuring regular (monthly) online programming such as pitch sessions, working group meetings, and more. By signing up for the MICC, you not only register for MICC online activities in July (and beyond)—you also become a member of the new MICC network, a year-round community devoted to the creation, presentation, and touring of contemporary circus in North America and around the world.

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Research and creative residences

TOHU aims to stimulate the evolution of circus aesthetics. It encourages the exploration of new forms and practices in the field by offering a space dedicated to research activities and innovative initiatives. More information, click here.

Production residences

TOHU offers professional artists, artist collectives and non-profit organisations access to its venue to support a project which writing, staging, set design and casting phases have been previously developed. More information, click here.

Training and education with En Piste

En Piste, the Circus Arts National Network, offers professional training sessions to circus artists. For more information, please visit En Piste Website.