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TOHU's net

Donation Campaign for the children of Saint-Michel


It is with great pleasure that we announce having raised close to $ 50,000 for our first fundraising campaign of TOHU’s Net supporting the children of Saint-Michel. Thanks to you, we have far exceeded our $ 20,000 goal, which will allow us to bring the circus arts to even more children in local schools.

We would like to warmly thank you for your massive generosity. Without you,  this fundraising campaign would not have been possible. A special thank you to the Caisse Desjardins du Centre-est de Montréal for their generous contribution.

But it doesn't end there! Thanks to your generosity and the financial support of our partners, we will continue to deploy a series of actions that will stimulate exchange and gathering between citizens and culture throughout the year.

Giving to the Net, is supporting TOHU in the three parts of its mission: the circus, the earth and the human being!

What am I giving to?

The creation of an educational and interactive program developed for the youth, which will be rolled out as of next January. TOHU will develop mobile animations, specially designed to introduce children to the circus arts, in the school environment, while respecting health measures. Cultural mediation is part of TOHU’s DNA since its creation, thanks to the support of many partners. But given the crisis we are currently experiencing now, we want to enhance our offer to reach even more children, and it is your generosity that will allow us to succeed.

Who am I giving to?

400 children from 5 primary and secondary schools in the Saint-Michel district. We could reach even more children, if the solidarity of TOHU donors enables us to do so. It is simple math. Each $50 donation collected will allow us to reach 1 more child. Each $4,000 in donations collected will allow us to reach 1 more school

Why Saint-Michel?

Because this is where TOHU is rooted. When TOHU opened its doors in 2004, Saint-Michel’s residents warmly welcomed us. In return, we integrated to our mission, continuous support to the revitalization or the neighborhood. Each action we take aims to support our neighbors. With the current crisis, we want to improve our relationships with the community and nurture the precious ties we have forged with them.

What is TOHU's net?

The net is TOHU's donor community that mobilizes to support the organization's social mission, in order to face the unpredictable, with resilience and flexibility. It is a safety net intertwined with solidarity and support, there to respond to new needs, one donation at a time. After all, TOHU is a non-profit organization that is very involved in its community!

What is cultural mediation?

It is a series of actions that encourages conversations and encounters between citizens and culture. For over 15 years, with our partners’ financial support, TOHU has been implementing support, creation, education and intervention resources for the population of the Saint-Michel district, especially its children, as well as for all Montrealers. Normally, 8,200 people take part in guided tours organized by TOHU’s educational services and more than 3,100 students from primary and secondary schools who come to attend of our shows.

A special thank you to our media partners who supported this first FUNDRAISING TOHU’s NET campaign: La Presse, Le Devoir and Radio-Canada.